3 Steps to Working with Small Changes

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3 Steps to Working with Small Changes

It can be tempting to make a big change, transforming all of your habits at once. Often, it's more realistic in the long term to change your eating habits in a more sustainable way that helps you stick to them. Consistency is way easier to achieve with these small changes and has a lot of benefits as you work towards the larger changes you want to make.

Build a foundation

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Small diet changes will help you build a foundation for yourself. These are easier to implement and help you build your willpower. If you fail with the small change, you don't fall as hard. It's easier to get back up and keep going! The larger diet change is made from smaller diet changes. Experience with the smaller diet change helps you make the larger diet changes.

Plan these in advance

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Rather than implementing these changes when you feel like it, planning will help you make the necessary decisions in the future and stop impulse from making a decision you may regret later. Planning these small changes will help you work your way up to larger changes whose effects are more far-reaching, like a comprehensive diet change, a weight loss journey, or a muscle building program.

Small Inconvenience

Small changes mean you can keep going about your day as usual without much more effort. You can keep enjoying most of the food you eat even as you gradually phase some of it out. Just like compound interest in your bank account, those changes will compound on a regular basis. Soon, you'll be eating healthier with less effort and see the changes to your health that you want to see!


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These small changes are much more flexible for your lifestyle. You're a busy business owner, and you've got a million things to think about and track. The last thing you need is to need to think about something as basic as your diet. Small changes help you stay consistent with your diet as you work to keep your business going. They bend easily so you can prioritize appropriately and maintain your progress.