The healthiest ways to consume cannabis

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The healthiest ways to consume cannabis

Cannabis feels amazing! The herb has caught the attention of mainstream media and thanks to the brave activists that bared their courage against the law, it is finally getting legalised. The progressive relaxation of the laws pertaining to cannabis created an entire new industry for itself. Cannabis and hemp products are filling up stores as we speak. But even with all these changes, stoners still tend to smoke their buds to get high. Surely there has to be a better way than smoking herb to feel its effects? This feature is about the safest ways to consume. If you are a stoner trying to tread a healthier path, this read will be enlightening.

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Cut down the smoke!

Even though cannabis smoke is definitely safer than tobacco. It’s still hot smoke that has ash and various other carcinogenic chemicals in itself. Smoke irritates the linings of the body causing cilia to grow numb. This can lead to excessive mucus build up and infections that can potentially spread to the lungs. Even though these complications are quite rare, it is obvious that smoking is definitely not the healthiest of choices. When we smoke we include vaping as well as it is very much similar to traditional smoke.

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Yummy Edibles

Everybody loves a good piece of cake, but stoners like it better when it's laced with THC. Edibles are getting popular by the day as cannabis lovers realise how much better they are. First of all, edibles fill you up and get you high; that’s two birds with one stone. Not to mention the high lasts for almost 6 hours, which is way longer than what you get through smoking. The catch is that it takes longer for edibles to kick in, but that can be compensated by proper timing. Just eat it beforehand!

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Tinctures are getting wildly popular due to online dispensaries. Tinctures are simply cannabis extracts suspended on alcohol. There are two ways to take a tincture, orally and sublingually. If you prefer to ingest cannabis orally, just measure out the tincture and swallow the liquid. For sublingual consumption, the user is required to hold the liquid under their tongue till the membranes and linings absorb the extracts. The effects of oral consumption are very similar to an edible whereas the effects of sublingual consumption arrive quicker and last for a shorter duration.

Cannabis oils are very similar to tinctures, except instead of alcohol, oils use a carrier to hold the extract. The carrier is usually an MCT oil, refined mainly through coconuts. Cannabis Oils are flavored to give a better taste to the user and are usually taken sublingually. If preferred oral consumption is possible.

Cannabis is a great herb that boosts a person's mental and physical wellness. It is best to do what leaves you feeling satisfied. If smoking is inevitable, then we advise you to reduce its frequency, switching up with tinctures, edibles and oils whenever possible.